Sewer treatment plant installation

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treatment plant installation

Under the GBRs, anyone with a septic tank discharging into a watercourse must replace it or upgrade it by 1 January 2020, or sooner if the property is sold before this date, or if the Environment Agency (EA) finds that it is causing pollution.

Systems can be replaced by:

Connecting to a mains sewer (where available)

Installing a drainage field (infiltration system) so that the septic tank discharges into the ground

Replacing with a small sewage treatment plant

In exceptional circumstances a permit can be applied for to allow discharge to surface water

Septic tank conversion

Septic tank conversion units can be used to upgrade an existing surface water discharging septic tank, but a permit is required for this and evidence must be provided that it will treat to the equivalent standard as a sewage treatment plant.

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